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Cromach Careers personnel have been involved in authoring a number of publications, the latest of which is detailed below.

Introducing Career Education and Development: A Guide for personnel in educational institutions in developed and developing countries,by Colin McCowan, Malcolm McKenzie and Mansi Shah. A second edition was published in mid 2022 and is now available.

Introducing Career Education and Development focuses on taking a proactive approach to helping young people manage their own career development. It advocates implementing a program of activities in educational institutions to assist them to develop the understanding, attitudes, skills, and experiences to be able to make informed career decisions and take deliberate career-related actions throughout their lives.  The book is a compilation of the successful work and research that Col has done in both developed and developing countries over the past few years. As such, it aims to be very readable and practical.

Find inside the book:

  • A rationale for the introduction of a quality Career Education and Development (CED) program
  • A selection of key theories behind a quality CED program
  • A simple CED framework and its application
  • Information on how to go about implementing an effective CED program
  • Example activities and case studies
  • Resources and strategies to ensure the delivery of programs that prepare students to deal effectively and confidently with key career-related decisions and actions

Below are three reviews of the book:  Introducing Career Education and Development: A guide for personnel in educational institutions in both developed and developing countries (see previous page)

  • The first is by Meredith Shears in the  E Journal of the Career Education Association  of Victoria (CEAV)
  • The second is by Dr Mary McMahon for the Queensland Guidance and Counselling Association (QGCA)
  • The third is by Carolyn Alchin in the Australian Career Practitioner for the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)


CED Book_Review QGCA



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