Recent activities

Conducting workshops:

  • Pre-conference workshop for the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) National Conference in Hobart
  • Queensland Guidance and Counselling Association Workshop
  • Professional development workshop for the full staff of a large secondary college in Toowoomba
  • The Tamworth and District Career Advisers Network workshop
  • A workshop for a group of Career Practitioners in independent schools and colleges in SE Queensland

Undertaking research

  • Establishing the reliability and validity of a range of Career Education and Development Scales to ascertain the level of career thinking of students in different age cohorts


  • Leading a group of University students on an internship program to the country of Bhutan

A representative sample of projects, programs and activities completed successfully at three operational levels include:


  • Developed a range of individual career related assessment instruments eg Match My Skills
  • Co-developed a framework of 35 on-line career development modules grouped as six Certificates of Completion
  • Provided individual career counselling for over 1000 tertiary students and 4000 secondary students
  • Co-authored Guidance Tutoring – a comprehensive program of activities for students in Years 8 to 12.


  • Co-authored the Queensland Career Information Index- a complex system of career information and resources
  • Delivered extensive training to career professionals on career counselling models and processes
  • Developed a world recognised service delivery model for small to medium services
  • Conducted the training for a three day retreat for staff of a major university in Vietnam
  • Reviewed and bench-marked with a colleague, University Career Services across four States of Australia
  • Organised / co-organised over 20 national and international conferences.


  • State representative on the Australian Government’s National Career Education Working Party.
  • Project co-leader, Queensland Government: Developing a National Career Advisory System
  • Led two example projects for the country of Bhutan, one for UNESCO on Developing youth policy and strategy and another for UNDP on Unemployment
  • Developed a service delivery model for the Oman through Sultan Kaboos University
  • Developed a student service policy and strategy for The Royal University of Bhutan.
  • Co-managed the second International Symposium on Career Development for representatives from over 35 countries and held in Sydney
  • Developed a career guidance service and programs for the Ministry of Education and Training in Mongolia

Referees can be provided from an elite echelon of world recognised career professionals, senior government officials, vice chancellors and key university staff, professional association representatives and professional colleagues of the highest standing from across Australia and the world.