For individuals

Assistance could include, career and life coaching, career and employment advising and career counselling where the approach is a mixture of solution focussed and brief therapy in conjunction with more traditional
systems and theories ( eg decision theory, systems theory, chaos theory) and where a self management approach is considered vital. Sessions are usually one hour in length and may or may not include a career
assessment. Follow up sessions are by negotiation only.
Costs: $150 for the first session and $110 for follow up sessions
Note: A provider number is in the process of being obtained for a range of health benefit funds

For organisations

Presentations: Each presentation is tailored to the specific request but could include generation Y, career decision making, career transitions, recruitment and retention, ePortfolios, service delivery…

Programs: These could be developed for a wide range of audiences across the lifespan.

Staff development: These could be lead presentations, training programs, planning retreats, conferences, across topics as wide as team building, interpersonal skills and service delivery.

Service delivery: Reviewing service delivery and assisting the service to achieve its organisational goals.

Resource development: Assisting with developing a framework and/or targeted resources themselves.

Institution/Organisation: Mapping and reviewing policies, strategies and practices to maximise outcomes

Costs: Depend on the activity and is usually in half day ($550) or full day units ($1100) and expenses by


Assistance can be given with design, collection analysis and reporting of interventions or lack thereof.

Costs: negotiable

For national/international associations, governments or countries

A comprehensive but achievable approach is taken to facilitate the development of human capital.

Costs: negotiable